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Basesite have developed many custom applications mainly focused on Equipment Connections within the Design & Manufacturing Space

  • Fabbuilder is the future of LOD Design. With only 3 automated inputs, it can produce a full Equipment Design in under 3 hours​​


  • With potentially tens of thousands of quipment connections per equipment list, hand-designing an efficient system is virtually impossible, often resulting only 60% utilization.​


  • Fabbuilder addresses this challenge by simulating millions of scenarios to optimize cable length and panel quantity. By requiring just an equipment list and layout, Fabbuilder generates a panel list with locations and circuit connectivity, considering all engineering calculations. This tool can help reduce the required panels by up to 30%.

Power Connect

Power Connect is an Electrical Equipment Connection application that can manage the output of fabbuilder or an other electrical source. It manages advanced load analysis and cable sizing as well as panel schedules

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