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Bringing new efficiency to YOUR project with Optimisation Algorithms

Design engineering, by its nature, often involves a considerable amount of repetitive tasks. The shortcut 'Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V' (Copy-Paste) is arguably one of the most frequently used in the industry.

When a project deliverable predominantly consists of such repetitive tasks, it becomes essential to ask the following question:


If you're not sure how to research the viability of an optimizeras a solution, Feel free to reach out to Basesite

Case Study


The electrical design team at Basesite faced a recurring challenge: the need to assign and analyze loads for over 7,000 power connections. With the project scope undergoing frequent changes, the team found themselves repeatedly engaged in the time-consuming tasks of assignment and analysis.


In response to this challenge, Basesite's data science team conducted a thorough review of the work scope. Based on their analysis, they recommended the implementation of a minimum cost optimization algorithm. This strategic approach was chosen for its efficiency and effectiveness in handling complex data sets and variable requirements.


Since the adoption of the optimization solution, there has been a dramatic improvement in efficiency. Tasks that previously took up to 6 weeks can now be completed in just 30 minutes. This significant time reduction has freed the electrical design team to focus more on critical aspects of engineering analysis. As a result, our team can now deliver higher quality work with greater speed, contributing to overall project success and client satisfaction.





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