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Fab Construction

Experts in fab design 

Semiconductor Fab Design

Basesite has been a prominent player in the semiconductor fab construction industry for over 15 years, demonstrating extensive expertise across all phases of a build. Our journey begins with Basebuild, progresses through Integration and AE Design, and culminates in comprehensive construction support.


Our proficiency particularly shines in POC (Point of Connection) management, a domain where we have garnered more than a decade of experience. This experience is vital because the integration phase is crucial in managing the interplay between various disciplines at their connection points. Our integration team is adept at maintaining an exhaustive list of POCs, ensuring seamless coordination and communication.


To enhance our efficiency in this area, we have developed a specialized software solution, 'Power Connect'. This innovative tool is designed to streamline multi-discipline POC management, incorporating an integrated RFI (Request for Information) system. Power Connect excels in handling complex load management tasks, further solidifying our position as a leader in the industry

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