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Leaders in Automated
Building Services Design

We have a team of Engineers, Scientists and Software Developers working to deliver high quality software solutions for Industry
Digital Transformation

With over 10 years experience in corporate digital transformation, we can revolutionise your business by adopting solutions that we identify for a smart digital strategy

Data Collection

We have many custom tools that can interrogate and harvest  your legacy data to enable a smooth transition to your new digital strategy


Basesite have developed applications specific to the manufacturing and construction industry. We have solutions  for many industry problems that are ready to deploy 

Who are we

Over 10 years of
Software Innovation

Virtual Reality


Our specialist enterprise  services team is a world class group of the best and the brightest. We are passionate about helping our customers take a fresh look at how they do business


We are a team of more than 40 software experts.

Industry Experts

Our in-house engineers and scientists specialize in various industries, enabling us to effectively bridge any gaps. When recruiting developers for the construction and manufacturing sectors, we prioritize candidates with mechanical, electrical & process engineering backgrounds who possess a keen interest in software development. Additionally, all new hires undergo comprehensive training in the diverse technologies employed by Basesite.

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  • Fabbuilder is the future of LOD Design. With only 3 automated inputs, it can produce a full Equipment Design in under 3 hours​​


  • With potentially tens of thousands of quipment connections per equipment list, hand-designing an efficient system is virtually impossible, often resulting only 60% utilization.​


  • Fabbuilder addresses this challenge by simulating millions of scenarios to optimize cable length and panel quantity. By requiring just an equipment list and layout, Fabbuilder generates a panel list with locations and circuit connectivity, considering all engineering calculations. This tool can help reduce the required panels by up to 30%.


We Offer a complete suite of software Development services qith a high focus on engineering grade applications


Fullstack Engineering Grade

Project Management

Full lifecycle Project Management


PowerBI and Pandas


2K Happy Customers

Global reach with projects Across 7 countries
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