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We help Engineering Teams stay on top of Design Output 

Built for Semiconductor Fabs, our Design Automation Software saves time and money connecting complex Tools in Basebuild and Tool-Install phases.
Save Money

Our AI algorithms crunch through millions of data points to give you the most efficient equipment list.

Save up to $20 million per Fab by optimising cable and panel use. 

Gain Time

Our automated design platform can produce Point of Connection Designs (POCs), Bill of Materials and GAP Assessments in 1 week instead of 12 weeks.  Stay on top of your Program Schedule

Reduce Rework

Fully digitised Tool-Install packages and one dashboard for all POCs showing location, load, usage and errors. Complete control on access and knowledge sharing.

Who are we

Software for Construction Engineers built by Construction Engineers

Virtual Reality

We are Electrical and Mechanical Engineers with decades of practical experience working at Semiconductor Fabs. 

We built the Basesite software platform to solve the day-to-day challenges we saw on the fab floor.

Trusted by the World's largest Semiconductor Owners and Contractors

No. 1 Software for Tool-Install Design. Live with:


  • 2,100 Engineers

  • 85 Owners or Contractors

  • 36 Fabs

  • 7 Countries

  • 3 Continents

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Our Products: Basebuilder

  • With tens of thousands of equipment connections per equipment list, hand-designing an efficient system is virtually impossible, resulting in only 60% utilisation.​

  • With just 3 automated inputs, Basebuilder can produce a full Equipment Design in under 3 hours​​.


  • Optimised TPOCs and FPOCs to help you save time and money on cabling and panels by over 30%  

  • Faster GAP assessments to help you accurately predict retooling downtime and reduce your costs by 75% 

  • Integration with BIM 360 allows accurate and quick propagation of design output 

  • Generate faster Bill of Materials to help you stick to Program Schedules. 


2K Happy Customers

Global reach with projects Across 7 countries
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