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Frustration to
Basesite was born out of the frustration of one electrical engineer's time working at a semiconductor fab in Ireland. He loved engineering but was frustrated with spending all his time fiddling around with spreadsheets, stomping around the Fab looking for POCs or calculating the load requirement on a panel.
Our software has been built with a deep understanding of the construction industry’s frustrations. We've experienced firsthand the chaos of managing spreadsheets, drawings, PDFs, and even scraps of paper on busy construction sites.
The day he was handed a spreadsheet with 10,000 circuits he realised no human could hand-design an efficient system and that much of what he did was a repeatable process within a mathematical calculation.
We’ve seen the thousands of engineering hours wasted and the bloated equipment lists costing tens of millions, all contributing to delays and inefficiencies. Instead of sitting around and complaining about it, we set out to do something about it.
Our Vision

Let Engineers be Engineers

To tackle the monumental challenges of the next 50 years, we need our top engineers focused on what they excel at: engineering.

In industries like construction, they're often bogged down by repetitive tasks, hindering innovation.

We want to liberate engineers from the mundane, enabling them to create real-world impact through their ingenuity.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Tanguy Van Ingelgom
Sr. Media Buyer
Tanguy Van Ingelgom
Sr. Media Buyer
Tanguy Van Ingelgom
Sr. Media Buyer
Brian Culhane
CEO at Basesite