Case Study

Optimizing Electrical Panel and Cable Management with Fabbuilder

Executive Summary:

This case study examines the effectiveness of Fabbuilder in optimizing electrical panel and cable management in a semiconductor manufacturing facility. By comparing Fabbuilder's performance against traditional manual methods, significant improvements in panel reduction, cable length management, and cost savings were observed.


Effective management of electrical panels and cable lengths is crucial in semiconductor manufacturing facilities to ensure operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Traditional manual methods often result in excess use of materials and higher costs. Fabbuilder was implemented to optimize these aspects and bring about substantial improvements.


The facility faced challenges in managing the number of electrical panels and the total cable length, leading to increased costs and inefficient use of space. The primary challenges included:

  • Excessive number of panels leading to space and cost inefficiencies.
  • Longer average cable lengths, increasing material costs and complexity.
  • Inefficient balancing of power types, trains, tools to panels, and equipment.

Fabbuilder's Implementation:

Fabbuilder's AI-driven platform was employed to address these challenges. Key performance metrics were established to evaluate its effectiveness:

1. Number of Panels:

Fabbuilder reduced the number of panels from 792 to 534, a 67% reduction compared to the manual method.

2. Panel Reduction Percentage:

A significant reduction in panel usage was achieved, leading to cost savings and more efficient space utilization.

3. Average Cable Length:

The average cable length was reduced from 32m to 18m, indicating more efficient cable management.

4. Total Cable Length:

Fabbuilder managed to reduce the total cable length from 221km to 204km.

5. Cable Cost:

This reduction in cable length led to a cost saving from €8.20m to €6.7m.

6. Optimization Parameters:

Fabbuilder effectively balanced various parameters such as voltage, power type, trains balancing, tool to panel balancing, equipment balancing, and physical available space.


The implementation of Fabbuilder led to:

  • A significant reduction in the number of electrical panels and total cable length.
  • Substantial cost savings in cable procurement.
  • More efficient use of physical space.
  • Improved balancing of electrical distribution parameters.


Fabbuilder has significantly improved the management of electrical panels and cable lengths in semiconductor manufacturing. Its advanced optimization capabilities have resulted in substantial cost savings, reduced complexity, and enhanced operational efficiency. The case study demonstrates Fabbuilder's potential to revolutionize electrical management in complex manufacturing environments.

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