Basesite will be launching

We are delighted to announce that we are going to Semicon Europa November 14th - 17th 2023.   Basesite will be launching our multidisciplinary generative design software solution.  We are going to be at booth B0709 so please stop by!

Our Vision

Designing the Future: Smarter Building Services Design with Machine Learning and Data Optimization.

Transforming Fabrication (Fab) Design with Data-Driven Innovation: Basesite pioneers the future of Fab Services Design by collaborating with leading semiconductor firms over the past decade to unlock multi-million-dollar efficiencies. Our expertise in engineering and data encompasses digital transformation, software engineering, M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) design, machine learning, and much more.

Product Spotlight:

Fabbuilder is a multidisciplinary generative design software solution for building services. Traditional approaches to planning utilities distribution in fabrication plants are often convoluted and inefficient, resulting in a mere 60% utilization of services. Fabbuilder, harnessing the power of optimization and machine learning, revolutionizes the design process by conducting millions of simulations with just an equipment list and layout as input. It adeptly identifies the optimal locations and quantities of supply equipment, thus minimizing line lengths. In stark contrast to conventional methodologies, Fabbuilder shines by producing designs that lead to an impressive 30% reduction in the required equipment for servicing a facility. With Fabbuilder, you can significantly optimize your building services design and enhance operational efficiency.

At Basesite, our unwavering commitment to excellence positions us as tech pioneers in the industry. Partner with Basesite to access visionary solutions that are at the forefront of digital transformation and data-driven design, revolutionizing the landscape of intelligent building services., a basesite product