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Complexity of Design leads to thousands of wasted hours and Millions of Dollars misspent 

Connecting over 2,000 tools in a semiconductor fab requires the installation of hundreds of miles of cabling, pipework, and ductwork, alongside numerous panels.


Designers, faced with the daunting task of managing this extensive network of Facility/Tool Connections, often resort to simplified and suboptimal processes to expedite infrastructure planning.


Given the complexity, it becomes practically impossible for humans to assess the most efficient design for a Fab layout. This can lead to over-specification and millions spent on unnecessary infrastructure. 

Basebuilder saves between $10 million and $20 million in unnecessary cabling and paneling.

Our design automation tool is built for Semiconductor Owners and Contractors in the Basebuild phase 

  • Produces a Sub Fab Utility Design in just 3 hours 

  • Optimised TPOCs and FPOCs to help you save time and money on cabling and panels by over 30% 

  • Faster GAP assessments to help you accurately predict retooling downtime and reduce your costs by 75% 

  • API into BIM 360 to allow accurate and quick propagation of design output 

  • Generate a Bill of Materials to help you stick to Program Schedules

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