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Construction Digital Transformation

Semiconductor construction projects have thousands of stakeholders across hundreds of companies working on different project functions and engineering disciplines. Each of them has their own objectives, platforms and systems of record.


In projects where coordination is critical to success, there is a lack of data sharing as not everyone receives the same information at the same time. 

Files and Packages

Forward-looking industry, backward-facing processes

A modern Semiconductor Fab has over 8,000 contractors from over 100 companies connecting over 2,000 tools (some of which cost $250million) with around 200,000 Points of Connection (POCs) 

And much of this is run via spreadsheets. This leads to:

  • $3.5million spent on people resource unnecessarily  

  • Lack of collaboration between teams which causes frustration among team members and Program Schedule delays 

  • No visibility on the status and location of over 200,000 POCs 

Toolbuilder saves $Millions

Digitisation and project management tool build specifically for Semiconductors and Owners and Contractors in the Basebuild and Tool-Install phases 

  • Fully digitised Tool Install Design Packages to enable more effective knowledge sharing and reduce errors 

  • Single pane of glass for all your POCs, showing location, loads, usage and errors 

  • Save hours by automating your popout assignment in a just a few minutes  

  • Faster collaboration through the platform between AE’s and Project Engineers to problem solve POC issues or replacements  

Organized Files


Where are we Deployed?

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