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Modern Fabs Deserve Modern Processes

Semiconductor Fabs are some of the most advanced technological facilities ever built.  A forward-looking industry with backward-facing processes.


Data management is in a constant state of manual updates causing errors and delays between teams in the Basebuild and Tool-Install phases. Departments and teams are siloed and slow to embrace scalable cloud-based SaaS due to enormous barriers to entry; 

  • Security 

  • Messy data structures 

  • Scale of project (people, cost) 

Save Money, Gain Time, Reduce Rework

Basesite is a design automation and project management software platform to help Engineering teams at Semicon Fabs save time, money and rework connecting complex tools in the Basebuild and Tool-Install phases. 

  • Our automated design platform reduces AE design costs by up to 15%, producing POC designs, BoMs and Gaps in 1 week instead of 12 weeks using just 3 inputs. 

  • Reduce Gap Assessment costs by 75% and accurately predict retooling downtime. 

  • Fully digitised platform allows for Design output to move seamlessly into tools like BIM 360 and shared across all teams within Basebuild and Tool Install. In minutes. 

  • Complete visibility on location, usage and status of over 200,000 POCs allowing for faster and safer connection of all your tools 

  • Bespoke Project management tools built for teams in Basebuild and Tool-Install that allow for faster escalation and fixes for POCs in the field. 

  • Teams that use Basesite can focus their engineering talent on high value tasks saving over $3.5million in costs. 

  • Patent pending AI algorithms crunch through millions of changeable data points to provide the most efficient lay out for your Fab, reducing your panel and cable usage by 30%  

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